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Fixing technology

PB anchor

These approved, high-performance internal threaded anchors in five different sizes (RD12-30) can be used wherever load-bearing structures are to be subsequently attached to prefabricated reinforced concrete or cast-in situ concrete elements. No matter whether in un/reinforced and un/cracked normal concrete, the PB anchors transmits tensile and shear loads or a combination thereof safely and permanently. Different installation options (surface-flush, recessed) and materials (galvanised or stainless steel type) enable a wide range of applications.

Single anchor point (EAP) for personal protection

The PHILIPP PB anchor in combination with an Innotech® single anchor point is used as an attachment point for personal protection (with PPE, personal protective equipment against falls from a height) of three persons in total. This "strong" solution combines many advantages from the prefabrication of concrete elements with an easy-to-handle and safe personal protection.

Cast-in anchor channel

Anchor channels are the well-known and ideal solution for a wide range of fixing problems and have many advantages compared to dowels or welded joints. Flexible, easy-to-install connections can be created by setting one of many available channel profiles into concrete, which meets the given requirements.

Magnetic fastener for anchor channels

The magnet fastener enables anchor channels to be fixed to the formwork. The magnetic fastener can simply be pushed into the rail opening / foam and anchored under the lips. After latching into place, the rail can simply be attached to the formwork. No sticking, no glue residue, easy positioning.

Fixing sockets

Among other things, fixing sockets with its wide range of variants are very useful for the fixing of push-pull-props to concrete elements. Furhtermore, the PHILIPP sockets are suitable for all fixings no general approval is required.

Mounting channel

Mounting channels, the anchor channel without any additional anchorage element, in combination with corresponding accessories provide also a flexible and powerful channel-bolt connection for various fixing needs.

Trapezoidal sheet metal channel

For a simple, fast and secure fixing of trapezoidal sheet metal channels to any precast concrete construction these established profiles are available. Different anchor types allow an optimal adaptation to the reinforcement situation given in the concrete element.

Brick tie channel

With the proven brick tie channel system, consisting of a channel and corresponding anchors, masonry is quickly and securely connected to concrete or steel constructions. On the one side, the channels simply cast-in the precast concrete element, on the other side, the connection with anchors flexibly arranged in the channel and the horizontal joint.

Cable holder channel

The cable holder system, a combination of channels and brackets, ensures a safe support for e. g. cables and supply lines in a wide range of applications. Multiple versions of the system components provide fixing solutions for many requirements.

Corner guard

Corner guards are used to secure the corners of concrete elements and thus ensure an effective protection against damage to the concrete edge.